Tools: Articulate Rise 360, Canva

Time: 110 hours

Client: LandCare

Collaboration: Feedback from 2 coaches and 2 peers, worked with subject matter expert when creating content and assessments


Landscape laborers of intermediate level, 1-2 years experience, need extra training to take care of roses in the North Texas area. Laborers have experience with general landscaping - installation and trimming. Roses need a little more specificity. 


Rise course with 4 lessons.

Presents information and asks knowledge check questions. Scenario based questioning in the "Protecting Roses from the Cold" lesson


This course should standardize operations when replacing roses this spring, and reduce the number of plants needing replacement the following year. The number of rose plants that must be replaced will decrease by 30% year to year as counted in September 2023, as all landscapers follow 2023 rose plants care training.