Bogo Wings Video

Tools: PowToon

Time: 3 Hours

Client: Chicken Warriors

Collaboration: Video and Photos from Chicken Warriors, Review from Google Review


Local restaurant Chicken Warriors wants more customers to try their wings. Their wings are very delicious and competitive in price. Chicken Warriors $14 for 10 wings. Buffalo Wild Wings $14.49 for 10 wings.


Videos on Facebook get better engagement and result in more customers. I used Chicken Warriors' flyer for BOGO wings on Wednesday, video, and images from Chicken Warrior to create a 30 second video. I also pulled a genuine review from Google Reviews to use in the video.


Goal for March: Increase average number of orders of wings on Wednesdays by 15%, when comparing March 2023 (5 Wednesdays) to February 2023 (4 Wednesdays).

Goal for Q2: When comparing Q2 vs. Q1 2023, an increase in total visits to Chicken Warriors by 5% as customers complete repeat visits.