Doan's Nursery Video

Tools: Adobe Premiere Pro

Time: 5 Hours

Client: Doan's Nursery

Collaboration: Video and audio by Joshua Chow, edited using Premiere Pro by Joshua Chow


Local retail and wholesale nursery wants to bring in more customers who have previously visited their online pages or their storefront. Spring is when many retail customers buy plants with the dreams of a spring and summer garden.


Videos on Facebook get better engagement and result in more customers. I created a 30 second video by visiting and shooting some clips of the nursery. I then wrote and recorded a voice over inviting customers to visit Doan's Nursery.


Goal for April: Increase the average number of retail customers comparing April 2023 to April 2022 (previous year).

Goal for Q2: When comparing Q2 vs. Q1 2023, an increase in total visits to Doan's Nursery by 25% as customers complete repeat visits building their dream garden.