Job Aid: Bareroot Roses

Tools: Canva

Time: 20 hours

Client: LandCare

Collaboration: 2 revisions after feedback from coaches


LandCare is a landscaping company with contracts with cities and businesses. There is a 2 mile stretch of road in Fort Worth planted with roses. Not all of the roses are doing well. I created this job aid to remind landscapers of the proper way to plant roses.


Roses need to be planted at the correct depth - where the bud union sits at the surface of the soil. The roots of the rose need to be spread out to maximize the water and nutrients uptake. The rose also needs to be properly buried so the roots do not dry out. Finally, temperatures in Fort Worth fall below freezing in the winter, and roses need to be protected.


This job aid should standardize planting roses this spring. The number of rose plants that must be replaced will decrease by 30% year to year as counted in September 2023, as all landscapers follow 2023 rose plants care training.